Group similiar alerts


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I am considering this platform, the features look great, however there is an item I cannot seem to find an answer to.

It appears that when alerts come through, there is an individual alert for each like and comment, even on the same post. We have a large number of users and a lot of likes and are worried that there will be too many alerts / notifications.

Is there a way to group the alerts so that instead of an individual alert for each like, it can do something similiar to what Facebook currently does, and groups likes based on the post. "John, Jane, Michael, and 37 others liked the post 'Group similiar alerts'"?

Perhaps via an addon?
We will eventually be wanting to integrate into Facebook so alerts show up in the person's notifications on facebook. We are transitioning from a Facebook group to a forum, our users will want to keep notifications in facebook, but not be blasted with them.