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Hello, I added an image that depend from the thing my members tick. So there is an image in the message_user_info that depend from what my members choose.

But I would like to make a group of images selected from cutom profile fields.

So I can add a <br /> btw two group.

Thanksy ou very much for the help/

Jake Bunce

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Profile fields shown in posts are already separated with a line break. Is that not what you want? Can you show us an example?


I removed the line break because I want some images to be in group. I have a gaming forum, I want to separate a group with images of games the user own, and an other group with the console of my user.

So first group of images without line break. LINE BREAK. Second group of images.

(sorry for the copyright don't take care of G.FR)

I would like a linebreak before the last icon.


Jake Bunce

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I can't provide exact instructions without seeing your code, but each profile field has a class you can use to apply styling. For example:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

Rich (BB code):
.messageUserInfo .userField_fieldid
	margin-left: 10px !important;
This just adds a margin to the specified field for the purpose of demonstrating styling.


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Jake thank you for the pointer.

I have a custom field which has currently 30 options on tickboxes. Some of us tick around 15 or 20 of them.
The result is a simple vertical list - not very good use of space.

I'm wondering how to make it look better - which rather depends on what is possible.
I guess it could be a comma list fairly easily.

What would be the most interesting result is if ALL the options displayed, but anything not selected showed as grey. The others in a colour.
In fact if I could colour them separately if they are selected - a certain option is red, another green, another blue etc - with background highlights .... ooooh delicious!
The idea here is to show a rainbow of our interests you see. What we DO NOT select is almost as interesting as what we do select.

As a completely fictitious example just to be clear, my aim is like this.

MY PETS. Tick all you have now.

I tick Cat and Plant.

Display result is:

My pets:
Cat, Dog, Bird, Fish,
Reptile, Insect, Plant.

(I can't do highlight here.)
There is no line break needed, it would just fit to the available width of container.