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Looks good Jeff. Congrats on making the jump! (almost officially) :)

The only suggestion I have is to make the text on the forum home page just a tad bit darker. The rest looks pretty cool. Hope the members won't go too nuts over losing a couple of features (was reading your "changes" page) as they should like the overall experience better.

If you wanted to keep the "it sucks" button (although it doesn't seem that you want to) then you can go with the post ratings add-on and configure it to include it. I like how you changed it from "like" to "high fives" :D


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Very well done Jeff. Agree with Gabby that the XF looks a lot better than your vB install. Your members will love it :)

One point of concern, the fixed background image seems to cause scroll lag in certain browsers, at least for me.

Jeff Fuqua

Well-known member
John, the sidebar thread list is from Widget Framework. It took me a little while to figure it out but you have to create a group of the three kinds of thread views. I changed all my "like" to "high-five".

Bram, would you mind telling me your browser? I like the fixed background but don't want it to be a problem.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.


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I love the design and look of your site. It looks like you so much effort on it. My only advice for you is to try to speed your site little bit more. wish you the best

Jeff Fuqua

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Thanks. I'm looking now at some ways to speed things up. It seems the various ad networks really kill load time. I'm thinking about reducing the number in my chain.


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After a dozen years using vBulletin, we're making the jump to xenForo.

goTitans.com is a fan site for the NFL's Tennessee Titans. This site is still in development but I wanted to float it out for some feedback. Please post your thoughts and ideas of ways to improve. Thanks.

great website and ideas!

would you mind sharing how you put the image (the "T" with the 3 stars) into the log-in dropdown area ?

Appreciate your help!

Jeff Fuqua

Well-known member
would you mind sharing how you put the image (the "T" with the 3 stars) into the log-in dropdown area ?
The theme is Aurora Blue by Akrion. Run a search and you'll find them.

All I did was figure out which image was already in that place in his design and replaced it with my own. I did the same with the photos on the forum category bars. Quick and easy. ;)

Jeff Fuqua

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Thanks. I got to give a lot of credit to Yorick who is helping with the transition. He set up the temp site which allowed me to get familiar with xF before taking it live later this month.


New member
Well you guys did a great job! I am hoping to achieve a similar look with a new project I will soon be working on. I highly doubt i have the skills to accomplish something like that though! Very Impressive. :)

Jeff Fuqua

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If you have a budget, you might leave a post in the Custom Service area to see if someone can help get you started in the right direction. I find the members here extremely helpful.

Jeff Fuqua

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We finally went live today. So far, the response has been very positive. Some of it for the design, some of it for xF features. Making the move from vB is the best thing I've done for my forum. I debated making the change for nearly a year but very glad I did.

Big thanks for Chris_D (formerly Yorick) for all his assistance. If any of you vBers are needing some help with the transition, he's a good guy to bring on board. Big thanks to the folks of this forum as well. Anytime I had a question, the people here quickly helped this xF n00b through his problems.