Got a nooby question about permissions.


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How do I make specific Catagories/Boards/Child nodes viewable by certain people, whether in a user group of their own, or as an individual permission (i.e. staff forums)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D


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Applications > Node Tree.

Click on the permissions button of the desired node/forum you want to put permissions on. (

If you want to individually select users, check the following box:


Enter the username of who you want to give access to here:


Then you can click on set permissions, and edit the permissions as you please.

If you want to set permissions on a usergroup basis, just click on the usergroup and set the permissions within that node's permissions:



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There is absolutely no benefit of using Private Node, cause that means you need to do granular permissions. Instead, if you have a staff forum for example, change the permissions on view node (in the node tree) for Registered users to Revoke, then explicitly set the view node permissions for your staff secondary group as Allow. There is no real point in setting the other permissions, as long as you use inheritance correctly for the other groups.

When you add new staff members, just make sure they get added to the staff group as a secondary group.


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Alright thanks, I'm coming from 5+ years of managing ProBoards forums, so Xenforo is an interesting change.