MG 1.1 Question about permissions


So I have a roommate that was using copermine gallery on our site. We ended up upgrading to a new version of mysql and php because were getting charged for using older versions. We went up to php 7 and coppermine doesn't work on that, so we got the Xenforo Media Gallery.

My roommate uses the gallery to do signatures and avatars on various forums across the interwebz.

Apparently, coppermine allowed you to have a gallery, where no one could browse, but the avatar or signature image were public and when she would post on other forums, people could see them but not come back and browse through the gallery.

Apparently, with Xenforo Media Gallery - you can have a public browse-able gallery or a private one, but nothing like what I described above?

does that sound right? or is there some set up I can use to simulate what coppermine had?


Chris D

XenForo developer
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Yeah unfortunately permissions behave fairly strictly.

I think what you'd want is some kind of public key that you could share with each media item (so it's shareable if you've got the link). I'm not sure if there are any add-ons which provide this functionality and it's not something we will have planned right now, but worth making a Suggestion for future consideration.


Unfortunately I'm not sure how the gallery stuff works - I admit, I don't mess with it myself and never messed with coppermine, it was her area lol...

I didn't see any addons which add this kind of functionality.

but yeah, she said she could post a link a link and in other forums it would show the link and people could follow the link back, but couldn't see anything, so sounds about like what you mentioned. Apparently a number of popular web hosting sites allow that kind of set up, so I will put it in the suggestion forum.

thanks for your reply.