XF 1.5 Question about permissions


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What is the best way to set up category/forum permissions for 'Post new thread' to achieve this:

Usergroups A & B already have usergroup permission to start threads (Allow) in general.


Forum 1: Both usergroups A & B can start threads; both can reply
Forum 2: Only usergroup A can start threads; both can reply.
Would I revoke permission for usergroup B in Forum 2? Or would I revoke permission for both in the category and then set it to Allow for usergroup A? Or something else?


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It doesn't really matter as both will achieve the same result (if that is the final structure).

If you ever plan to add more forums though, that may influence your decision, depending on whether the additional forums should be allow or revoke by default.

Personally I would set allow for the parent category and revoke for forum 2.


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ok, to make this a bit more complicated....

Some members are in both usergroups A and B.

If they are only in usergroup A, we don't want them to start threads in Forum 2.
If they are in usergroup B only, or if they are in both usergroups A and B, then they can start threads.

Is that possible?