Google's "Go-To" Email Actions

Jake B.

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For account activation, conversation notices, etc. it may be a good idea to use Google's Go-To actions to allow you to put a 'View Thread' or 'View Conversation' tag in the Gmail inbox.

Specifically, probably the 'View Action' here

It would show up much like GitHub's "View Pull Request" or "View Issue" link in emails

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.56.54 AM.png

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Honestly, this is a cool idea.

I actually had no idea it was as simple as including markup metadata in your emails - I thought it was some sort of deep integration where Google would only work with specific high profile sites.

Unfortunately, I wasn't too far off the mark...

It seems as though anyone can apply to have these actions appear on their emails, but the requirements are pretty strict.

Aside from some of the more complex technical requirements I would say the biggest criteria here is:

Consistent history of sending a high volume of mail from your domain (order of hundred emails a day minimum to Gmail) for a few weeks at least.
This would effectively mean that the feature would only be usable by larger boards and those who have the ability and knowledge to set up SPF or DKIM for their domain.

This is a shame, because it would be pretty cool. There's different action types - one that could be useful would be "Confirm Email" for email confirmation emails, for example.

So, this does't seem feasible. However, I am going to leave the Suggestion open. We will still consider adding the markup anyway in the future, at least, if there is enough call for it. At least if forum admins want to try and get approved they can, or indeed if the requirements get relaxed, they'd be ready to go.