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Googlefight vB vs XF

I did that Google Fight thing...I love how despite vBulletin having millions when xenForo has only thousands...it still shows xenForo as winning. It knows something....


Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Well... I estimate that is using pages, not installs... being its looking for the specific instance on a per indexed page basis! If that is the case... once a few big boards change over to XF, instant equality without the decade of being open.


Well-known member
Yeah, the XF guys are gonna be happy to pass 10K sales (IMHO)....

Since they don't get paid by the page, the millions of forum post pages don't mean much....

It's slow, but keep your eye on this.....


Really rough metric, but if I had to guess twice as many copies as show there have been sold because many are not live yet.

I say first goal is 10k, then 25K. After that it may all be gravy, add-ons and renewals!
(thinking small here, because small is good)