XF 2.2 VB > XF - Google index up, then huge drop


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I see loads of posts of people migrating and Google doing a mass culling, but never a migration where all the new pages got indexed, then a week later dropped again!

Has anyone ever had this happen before?

A day after I migrated, Google started to hit the site hard with 700k+ crawls a day - it then added 300k /threads/ pages to its index (using site: /threads/ they were all visible) - but now as each day passes, it drops more and more of them back out. Down to just 89k results and incoming impressions/clicks down 35%.

Before the migration, vB had about 250k threads indexed. Most of those are now gone as the 301s are doing their job.

Strangely in Google Search Index, it's listing 1.04M indexed (with the number going up each day) - but that's not what's happening on the front end!

Is this something to be expected and just needs more time for Google to rejiggle (it's been over a month now)? Or is something very wrong that I need to solve sharpish? :D

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