XF 1.4 Google Integration problem...


  • I have created a Google app with the next data:

(if you can see errors, please let me know)

  • Then, I copied the ID and Secret in my forum:

  • Now, i have the red Google bar for log:

  • The problem is when i try to log because i only get this error:

That's my problem, i do not known what is my fault. You experts users, i hope you can help me.



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Try this:
Go to the Google Developer Console -> Select your project -> APIs and Authentication -> Display Authorization -> Select or write a email address -> Write Product name and click to Save (there are more fields but are all optional).

You also have the response in Spanish to this issue in XenFacil.


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Use the guide by Chris D. , spot on and made simplified. I struggled somewhat too at first but after reading the guide it was a breeze. Good luck.

Edit: I wondered why I kept getting the invalid page, there is a couple more things now. I knew I wasn't crazy :ROFLMAO: