Google Analytics: Visitors Flow


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Just curious, for those of you using Google Analytics with the new interface, have you been paying any attention to the Visitors Flow?

Any comments or feedback on the data shown in that flow?

For my own thoughts:
While I don't doubt its accuracy, some of the fall-off points were intriguing if indeed true. I'm considering making some changes to those locations where a large amount of fall-off occurs.

Edit for technicality: Google calls it "Drop-Off" not "fall-off". (though it looks like a waterfall coming off a cliff....)


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Hmm.... no replies on this.

I decided to do an analysis of the drop-offs where there is a large percentage, before the 3rd interaction. We have lots of search visitors hitting on popular threads and then leave, as shown by the drop offs. So, ideally, we would want to get those people who drop off to see other stuff on the site and potentially join and contribute. Therefore, I would like to consider making some modifications on what a visitor sees and experiences when clicking in from a search result.

If anyone else comes along that has used the Visitors Flow, I'd like to hear if there is anyone is making use of this tool and the data it provides. This isn't specific to XF, but I know there are a number of advanced users floating around here.


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I've used goog analytics for many years - and also have run web sites since 1995. I've seen the new tools - but my opinion is that much of this stuff is basically useless for me. This is my reasoning.

Firstly, I'm not selling anything - I am a content and informational site. We are providing, IMHO, a great service for no cost to the reader - and continually improving it.
Secondly, I like to assume the intelligence of my readers. That means I let them decide what they want to see and if they want to register and contribute.

This could differ 100% for a site which sells a product or which pays a large sum to attract each visitor- so they must maximize things.

I too was once worried about the "drop off" or, expressed in google terms, the bounce rate. But then I dug further. It turns out the the reason my bounce rate is 50% is because google is so effective at sending people directly to the content they were searching for! Therefore, they found the page instantly - read it (I could tell by the time spent on the page) and then left.

I realize that I am a bit old fashioned in this regard.....but I'll liken it to the merchants who when asked why he was so successful said "I don't know - I just buy it for a dime, sell it for a dollar and pocket my 10% profit"......
(if you don't get that one, you're not a business guy!).