XF 1.4 Google Analytics and SSL ?


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Are there any issues using Analytics with a SSL forum ?

I'm just asking this as I swapped my forum to SSL a few weeks ago.

I cant say Ive seen a difference but today I looked at Analytics on the "Live" section and it showed 5 people as being on the forum. I know for a fact there were at least 10 people on the forum at that time ??

I added the analytics code in the admin section only. Is this the only place I need to add the code to get realistic results or are there better options to use ?

Does SSL make a difference ? Do i need a different code or need to add it somewhere else ?

It just seems odd that what the forum says and what Analytics says seem to be wildly different ??

Thanks for any help.



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Analytics are loaded under SSL. I couldn't really say anything about the reason the values aren't what you expect. You can change the contents of the google_analytics template if you wish.

I would note that the forum saying there are 10 people and GA saying there are 5 would actually make sense. The forum entries are based on people active in the last X amount of time. The GA system is very likely using a different approach.


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The "Real-Time" area of Google Analytics is based on activity in the last 5 minutes (shorter than the default XenForo session time, so you will have less).

Not only are the session lengths different, but you are comparing two measurements that are very different. XenForo "guests" usually contains lower-tier spiders... Ones not popular enough to hard-code their user agents in XenForo as robots. Those same bots usually don't execute JavaScript, so in XenForo they will show as a guest, but they won't show up at all in Google Analytics since they don't execute JS.

To answer your original question, Google Analytics works just fine on SSL... in fact, you could argue it works better since it's able to utilize SPDY underneath it all when on HTTPS.