Google AdSense Auto Ads - your opinions


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Hi all,

I'm testing Google's new AdSense Auto Ads. I have mixed feelings about this. It's really super easy to install and almost zero configuration, but ads also display on e.g. on help pages, between nodes in forum list (but many of them), between threads in thread list etc. Ok, some positions are interesting, but they are not always loaded in the same position.

It's true I'm using it for one day now, but I'd also like to hear your experience with AdSense Auto Ads.

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I noticed that MacRumors has started using the full page mobile ads on thread load sometimes. I can’t remember if that’s part of the same system off hand.

When you load the thread you get a full page add that has to be dismissed, very similar to in app ads.

Anyone else using them? If so, how have the users reacted and are you making more from them?


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I tried them but turned it off. I judge the experience of it based on how I experience sites that have ads. Macrumors is a good example. The vignette ads are really irritating and tarnish the experience as they are so invasive. Same with the anchor ads. I hate them personally, so they won't run on my sites.


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Anybody willing to link to their site if they're running these auto ads? I'm interested to see how good or bad they are, thanks. :)