Going from http to https Google AdSense no show

I converted my site from http to https, my problem is my forum no longer showing Google Adsense ads on my web site.

Has anyone had this problem? Could this have anything to do with vbulletin 4.0 since my AdSense package was added in when I purchases my frist vb 3.0 I also posted this question in Google AdSense support forum.

Again thanks in advance.


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I see AdSense ads when viewing your site.

The site listed against your license is VB though - what is your XF installation?
Brogan thanks as always, the ad you see is on my vb site that I'm getting ready to convert to xf. The only reason that ad is showing up is due to me going to my Admin panel at Google Adsense and making a new ad unit, since my site listed against my license is with VB. I don't believe I can use that license when I move to xf later next week, and will have to use individual add units with a addon for placement of my AdSense ads thru out the forum using xf.

Were just getting everything in order before we make the big move. Going with a SSL was important moving ahead. I'm very excited about moving to xf. Been doing this forum now for almost 20 years and we move from the game-ex.com domain to are new domain in 2010.


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We can't offer any help or advice related to your VB installation.
If you have issues with ads on XF after you convert though, then feel free to start a new thread.

You may want to consider creating new ad units to avoid the same issue, although it's not something I've seen posted about before.
Google support may be the best place to get help with it.
Google support advices me to make new ad units and just place them were I wanted them after the change, they said it would have the same effect just take a little extra work.: )


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I never had this problem when I activated https on my site.

New ad units might work but I also recommend to check the ad code of existing ad units.