Globalizing user group color?


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Heya, I spoke to a few people, and asked how they managed to get this done but a lot of them told me very little, probably thinking i would catch on, and get it done as easily as they did. I am looking to add all the user groups color/style to everything i can on the forum. Is there an easy way to do this or would i need to edit multiple templates?

I still don't know what i need to put where either :<


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I think you need to explain a bit more ..
Are you saying you want each usergroup to have their own colour and style?
Then where do you want it added?

I have 3 main usergroups on one of my forums.
They each have a section (Category)
Their Category is styled with their colour. The titles of the forums inside are the same colour.

On another forum I have the option Category creates its own page.
The colours of the Category are inherited. Plus the header of its pages has a logo.

I dont know if this is what you mean but it's not linked to the usergroups. Appearance is ruled by node/ Category, or forum. You can then give a usergroup asccess to that forum.
You can also style the usergroup title. It can appear under their name on the left..


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You can, in theory, find every piece of <xen:username> and add rich="true" to the end. How well it looks (and how much performance drag it brings) is out of the question.