Glided Clan -

-=+=- Glided Clan -=+=-

Glided Clan is a Call of Duty clan website. On this website you can do many other things than just post in a forum. We have many add-ons installed to enhance your experience.

Installed Add-Ons:
Nodes as Tabs
TAC FoolBotHoneyPot
Online Status Ribbon
User Rank Ribbons

Installed Styles:
Defiance (Main Style)
While on the site you can view live streams from clan members, see upcoming events, look at news, and post threads under many forums.

I encourage you to check out this website, and please post any feedback about it either on this thread, or in the designated forum on the website.

Also, we are looking for forum moderators to watch over the forum while we are not on. If you wish to apply, you can find more information here.

Also, please remember we are a brand new forum. We don't have many member yet and we are seeking to gain some by posting here.

Note: I (Gabe), am not a member of Glided. I am simply the developer of the clan who does all of the technical things.