Getting userfield text?


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I've got some country code custom field entries on my forum, which I use to generate flags for members in the post info box. I've edited the value display to get a friendly appearance on the main profile page, however I'm using a manual template edit to add another display type to the post info box.

For example, I have a value of "uk" and text of "United Kingdom" for one option. I can get the "uk" part displayed just fine in a template, however I'd like to be able to call the "United Kingdom" text too.

I tried using:

{xen:helper userFieldValue, $userFieldInfo.my_identifier, $user, {$user.customFields.my_identifier}}

However, that displays the text after it has been altered by the "value display HTML" setting. I just want the raw text used for the profile field option.

Any thoughts on how I can do this?


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