Add-on GetResponse Integration [Paid]

Hi there,
I'm looking for someone to create an Add-On to integrate Xenforo with GetResponse (autoresponder).

As I'm not sure what's possible, what's easy and what's complicated to program, here the list of 'must-haves' and 'nice-to-haves':

Must have:
* an add-on that allows me to integrate Xenforo with GetResponse, i.e. export the email contacts of Xenforo and import them into GetResponse - I'd like to maintain all my communication through GetResponse (higher delivery rates).

Nice to have:
* it would be awesome if the add-on could also do the integration the other way around, i.e. from GetResponse to Xenforo. I'd collect from the future users their email and desired username and then the add-on creates a Xenforo user (i.e. probably necessary to assign a random password that gets sent to the user - and a way to handle if a certain username has already been taken (add a number)).
* it would be nice if the add-on notices when a Xenforo user gets deleted (or banned or she/he closes her account) and then delete corresponding email address in GetResponse.

So, I definately would need the 'must-have' part of the add-on. For the 'nice-to-have' part, please let me know whether it's feasible and how much the budget of the development would increase.

Anyone? The main part I really need is the 'exporting' exmails from xenforo to getresponse.

I know that this is doable with DAP, so somehow the integration must be possible.

As I said, this would be a paid development...

Ok, after a lot of research I found out that the main problem is that the guidelines of most autoresponders prohibit to add email addresses via API (unless you have them send another double-opt-in email which the users would have to click).

Looks like the best way to do this is with Digital Access Pass. That way you can have people sign in via aweber/getresponse to DAP and then use the DAP=>xenforo integration to automatically create an account in xenforo.


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$result = $client->add_contact(
array (
  # identifier of 'test' campaign
'campaign' => $CAMPAIGN_ID,

# basic info
'name' => 'Test',
  'email' => 'test@test.test',
# custom fields
'customs' => array(
'name' => 'likes_to_drink',
'content' => 'tea'
'name' => 'likes_to_eat',
'content' => 'steak'
Can add emails via API to a campaign. I saw one of their PHP code examples and it says that it's possible to add a contact via API.
Thank you Aayush :)
The main problem seem the very restrictive terms of service of getresponse and aweber: either you have to get a special permission from them to add contacts via API without double opt-in, or else you have to send out double-in (confirmation) emails when you add persons over API.

Anyway, I think that using DAP is the best solution.


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Probably you could ask the user when he signs up to respond to the email verification from GetResponse and maybe use a WebHook to activate his account in XenForo. I am not sure if there is a web hook with getresponse to do something like this, but I saw earlier that Mailchimp had some webhooks.


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I have the same problem with Aweber->Xenforo and since no bridge seems to be available, I'll use the DAP one but it's cumbersome to say the least.

Will need to test what happens when people use restricted characters or lengths in usernames from the autoresponder form.