Add-on (Paid) "Stripe Identity" redirect integration


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An addon that integrates "Stripe Identity" with Xenforo. This would allow users to have their identify verified, a very handy feature for classified sections.


Example integration:

  1. "Verify identity" page or option somewhere in user's account menu containing Stripe's simpler "redirect" integration.
  2. Handling if user passes verification. (added to X usergroup, or flagged in some way that allows the promotion system to upgrade usergroup)
  3. Handling if user fails verification. ( Allow X amount of failed attempts before user is blocked from the feature.
  1. Access "Verify identity"
My budget is flexible, and I don't require exclusivity. I'd like to know your estimate.

Again, I believe this would be a valuable addon for any classifieds forum, and Stripe's fees are reasonable.

Thank you for your time 🙏
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