Implemented Get rid the link to google maps in member card


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if some user just put in the location field: "my home, hahaha"
The link in the member card will be a link inviting to abandon the forum and visit google maps and see:,-95.740118,5z/data=!3m1!4b1
I think is really useless, would be great at least make it optional.
now is hard get rid that href in a simple way. seem is necessary 1 addon to remove that href.
Would be great make it easy.

here a provisional solution, thanks @Optic and Chris D
I'm currently using this CSS that @Chris D posted here:
Seems to work well. :) Add this to EXTRA.CSS:
.userBlurb a.concealed
pointer-events: none;
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It's fluff I'd like to see optional. As location can influence the advice given on our forums we have location as a required filed on registration now & encourage legacy members to update their profiles. Some folks legit descriptions point to company locations with same/similar name. There are also some folk that don't understand that it's a simple link based on the location typed & not something more sinister like personal data sharing. Believe me - I've had the conversation!

Chris D

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I believe we implemented this a while ago. I think roughly around the time of our GDPR compliant releases, so approximately a year ago.

You simply empty the maps URL field in the "External service providers" option group.