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Get it right, Google.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    Need to sort out their first result. Haha.
  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    Italians know better I suppose
  3. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    weird ...
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    co.uk doesn't like it. Perhaps pearlblue-design is hosted on a UK server, dunno if that effects too much though.
  5. JVCode

    JVCode Well-Known Member

    Using google.com, showing as #1.


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  6. Ahmed

    Ahmed Well-Known Member

    I got the same result as KURTZ and JVCode. XenForo is in the first place.
    Using the default English Google.
  7. Brandon_R

    Brandon_R Guest

    Showing as number 1 here.
  8. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    Very odd, I'm sure it will fix itself soon :)
  9. JVCode

    JVCode Well-Known Member

    I'm sure 90% of the English population who use Google as their search engine also use Google.com instead of .co.uk anyway.
  10. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    google.com redirects to google.co.uk for the British.
  11. JVCode

    JVCode Well-Known Member

    You know, in all the years I've been using Google, I've never noticed that it redirected to .co.uk
  12. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    Haha, if you don't like it you can use this: http://www.google.com/ncr
  13. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    The main site is the first result on google.co.uk for me.
  14. ChrisR

    ChrisR Active Member

    Google Australia for you :p
    Screen shot 2010-08-07 at 11.01.19 PM.png
  15. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

    *shrugs* It's still appearing like this for me in FF4, but not Chrome.
  16. Brandon_R

    Brandon_R Guest

    Make sure you log out and clear your cache to see the result the average person would see whom never visited this forum before nor searched for it as google remembers these stuff.
    cedivad likes this.
  17. cedivad

    cedivad Active Member

    Just log out, cache don't matter ;)
  18. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Comes up first at google.ca as well.
  19. Ahmed

    Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Comes first in Google Arabic too.
  20. Sean James

    Sean James Well-Known Member

    For me the XenForo facebook group appears first. My site Bluepearl is on page 2, number 11

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