Approved posts don't show up in the right sequence in thread


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This is a bit of an odd one, but it is replicable.

For context: my board has new members with fewer than X messages in a "newbie" group, whose posts must be reviewed and approved manually before becoming visible to everyone. After X messages, they get advanced into a "member" group which no longer needs approval.

The odd behavior is that posts that have been approved don't show up in the thread in the right sequence (of post IDs or timestamp). Instead, they show up BEFORE the previous last post on the thread.

Example of a thread, ID 21696:
  • first post 757504 from 18.03.2020 16:40
  • post 757505 from 18.03.2020 16:52
  • newbie approved post 776174 from yesterday, 12.04.2023 8:31
  • newbie approved post 776191 from today, 13.04.2023 7:22
  • last post 757506 from 18.03.2020 18:21
Do you guys need additional details or some SQL query results?

Thanks in advance!

[later edit] An additional consequence for this is that the thread continues to appear in "What's New" > "New Posts" (<forum url>/whats-new/posts/) despite being viewed.
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Update: following @AndyB 's suggestion after he also spotted some more inconsistencies for the relative post numbers in the thread (#1 missing, #2, #3 etc.), I ran the Tools > Rebuild caches > Rebuild threads > Rebuild position and post counters. This fixed the order of posts in the thread.

All threads on the forum should now be "clean", so I'm now waiting for the next time some new user posts somewhere and needs approval.
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