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XF 1.5 Get information from DB to Custom Field


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Hello ,
I bought a Add-on and it have a custom field saved in db.
Add-on tables db are:
- xxx_custom_field
- xxx_field_value
the first one contains some information about custom field (id, position, ect.) , the second contain specific value of field.
the second table contain: category_id , field_id and field_value.
i want to get a specific data from database in my template and css from field and custom_field, how can do it?
i need to merge category_id + field_id + field_value to be sure that is a specific information i need.
For example: {cat_id.field_id.field_value} after to verify if cat.id is what I need.

Thanks you


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The correct place to request support is in the resource discussion thread.
Sorry man.
I have an other question but equal argument:
i want to insert in a specific template a count of row from db ... how can do it?
EXP.: {$row.count}
Thanks you
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Is that also related to the add-on?

Whether data are available in various templates is specific to the code, so again, you would need to ask in the resource thread.


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is related to DB.
If i make a DB table and i want to recall a Count of row to table, how can do this?
Doesnt' exist a method? for example $myteable.row.Count