George Orwell's 1984



Lately whenever I visit this site I am immediately reminded of George Orwell's 1984.
Many of you may have noticed or even experienced the widespread phenomenon where posts are being deleted or edited without a trace (which means readers do not know if the author or moderator is responsible), and threads being constantly locked or deleted.
Since I feel that such an environment does not permit me to remain an active and productive member of this community, I will be taking a couple of steps back and adopt a wait and see attitude in the hope that things will eventually change for the better around here.

Regarding my add-ons:
For those of you who use my add-ons, I would like to thank you for your interest, support, and any feedback you may have provided. I do appreciate it.
As I do not have a dedicated site for my add-ons, I will only be able to continue support via email. Should you have any questions or concerns about one of my add-ons, please do not hesitate to contact me using my Gmail address.

Take care,

Jake Bunce

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Jake, I don't know if you intend to, but you come across as an ass with your posts...
I'm sorry you feel that way. It's not my place to judge his decision. He has his reasons and I respect that. I myself had to take a "time out" from people in real life for several months last year. I had some issues with people at the time, so I took responsibility and removed myself. This sort of thing happens.

Adam Howard

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I'm going to be good....
I'm going to be good....
I'm going to be good....

Yay. Finally. Good-bye. Take your friends with you


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Orwell? Good to see we have moved away from hyperbole.

Also it's kind of ironic given that this thread claims views are being quashed while having it's own thread. So far I have seen every theory under the sun regarding XenForo.

If you want real examples of license holders views being moderated then feel free to PM me and you'll get to see how other forum software companies handle their customers views. :)


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Another great developer is in the process of packing up to leave us. We need some sort of actions from K&M before is to late...


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It's more biblical than 1984. You folks are creating your own carnage because things are too damn good. Whenever things are good, certain people attempt to stir the pot and mess things up. Some actually know they are doing so, others do it subconsciously.

Syndol, you seem like one of the Good Guys - my advice, although not asked for, is not to take the BS of a vocal minority on an official web site personally. As to excess moderation, successful forums typically do so. I know mine do, and we've been growing for more than a decade. Some people like free-for-alls, but in terms of an official web site, I prefer information and tools. You made some great ones and I hope you will stay at it. You can do so independently of hanging out here regularly.


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Sorry to see you leave, have purchased a couple of your addons. It really saddens me to see some of the responses you receive, personally I find them patronising at the very least. This place has started to implode all because the three Directors refuse to make an official Company statement about what is going on and why. This is all we are really asking for, not for the moderators to keep posting messages from a few months ago, that was then, this is now. There is something fundamentally wrong with how XenForo Ltd is being run, if people think there is not, wow.

Anyway, I would like to offer you free hosting if you need somewhere to host a website to support your mods in a, shall we say less "managed" way. Take care. I seriously hope you are the last one to up tools and take off, starting to look more and more like round here.
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