Add-on Geo Location Plugin Needed


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Hi, I'm looking for a programmer that would be interested in coding a plugin for me. What I'm looking for is a plugin that will ask the user if they would like to share their location with my website upon login.

Upon confirmation, the plugin would take the location from the user's IP address, then edit the 'current location' field on the users profile with the updated information. Ideally, this plugin would change the default location field in the member's profile instead of a custom field, but it's negotiable.

This is for a travel website, and we're trying to make it easier for folks to find and network with each other while they're traveling, so that's the idea behind this plugin.

We're currently using the XenForo User Map plugin to plot user's locations on a map. Bonus points if you think you can integrate this plugin with that, or (preferably) add the map to the plugin as it's own thing. Double-super-bonus-point-jams if you're okay with releasing the plugin open source to the community after development.

Of course this is all negotiable. I'm looking for bids and details of what you might need from me. Thanks for your time!


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Now that I've been thinking about it, a fantastic additional feature would be to start a conversation if one or more people end up in the same area. Not sure how that would work programming-wise, but just a thought.