Add-on Calculate and fill Custom user/thread fields with Climate Classification rather than "location" based on zip/mailing code.

Does any of this already exist? Or is anyone interested in working on it?

I'm working on a forum that is about plants and other things affected by climate zone way more than it is by actual location. I have seen some City, State, Country location add-ons but I would like my users to be able to use local climate classification instead. (side benefit, keeping more specific user location info private)
This would be used in two general locations:
1. Custom user fields
While I know that I could put a field that they could manually input, it is often not done and even more often not done correctly, specially with Köppen-Geiger climate classification, which is lesser used in the USA. So the answer is the use the publicly CC licensed data and have a way for folks to input something simpler like zip/mailing code (which would NOT be seen by other users) and have the various climate zones auto populate (which would then be seen instead). This would then show on their profile and gives helpful information while maintaining privacy choice on more intrusive location data.​
2. Custom thread fields
This thread field could be a pull down (The Köppen-Geiger system has 30 types) hopefully with the top/highlighted/default choice being set to the type that is pulled from the user profile. This choice to override the default for a post would allow folks to talk about something not at their primary home location, which comes up. This of course would then be super useful for use by the Thread Field Filter​

Bonus points would be for the Custom User Field shown under names to be a link to the official description of that climate, or at least to the overall climate categorization system.
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