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MG 1.1 General Gallery questions, new user

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Support' started by sworcester, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. sworcester

    sworcester New Member

    (don't know the MG version, how do I check it?)

    We imported from Photopost a whole lot of photos.
    Is a default album created for every user, even if empty?
    Our typical setup was the users had their own gallery and you went to their gallery and saw their photos.
    Here, if I go to Member Galleries, by default I see every photo, presumably by date as the default, but no way to order them by user.
    Is there a way to force the Albums under the user galleries, in essence making a child of the Member Gallery?

    Is there a user FAQ on how to use the gallery? Not the installers/Admins FAQ.

    Also, I figured out how to add more per page, and more columns, but what exactly does the media thumbnail dimensions do? Is that just setting what size the thumbnail starts out at and gets upscaled to the media box size?

    Thanks for the help
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    The version you are running is reported in the Admin CP on the List Add-ons page. That's just for info though the behaviour you are describing is correct. At least for the current version...

    Coincidentally we had a query about this recently and have actually made a change for the next version. With this in mind you might want to consider deferring the import until after this version is released if it was a recent import. Though to do this you would have to start the import again from scratch.

    We do not support nesting albums inside categories though it is a popular request. As such what we do with Member Galleries at the moment is just import them into a single category. Technically this is correct in terms of how they are stored in the database in PhotoPost. The only difference is that PhotoPost displays this category grouped by member for any pictures in this category that aren't in an album.

    The solution in the next version is that for each user who has at least one photo stored in the Members Galleries category, we will create an album for them and populate that with the photos stored in that category. Photos in other categories and albums will be imported as usual.

    Hopefully that will help, but as I say it will require running the import again. If you're interested in trying this I may be able to provide a test version so you don't have to wait until the next release.
  3. sworcester

    sworcester New Member

    The import gave us multiple empty Albums and duplicates with one having a thumbnail and the other none (after rebuilding) . Both the Albums show the same amount of media items in them, although one is empty (three dot thumbnail , although we need a fun name for this) and the one that is actually populated, with a valid thumbnail.

    My question is, can I delete the empty Album without ramifications?

    On the beta, let's take this offline so I can determine what the changes are
  4. sworcester

    sworcester New Member

    Can you answer these?
  5. sworcester

    sworcester New Member

    Ok, I'm not getting the same issue here with the Avatar
  6. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Yes you can delete the empty albums.

    This sounds somewhat similar to something reported recently which @Mike replied to but I'm not certain it's the same. It does sound like it could be a bug, though. To verify we may need access to your PhotoPost database if you still have it. At minimum the categories and photos tables. If you're able to provide this, please create a ticket with the login details to PhpMyAdmin or similar. It might take a day or two before we can look into it properly.

    There's not really an FAQ or guide aside from what's in the Manual which mostly covers installation.

    The thumbnail size controls the actual size of the thumbnail which is created, but this could be up or down scaled depending on the view port width and number of items per row.
  7. sworcester

    sworcester New Member

    It is a guy named Mike, but not that guy. I will have to get with the other Mike, as I know it was a Photopost backup, so I don't know if it is accessible

    Thanks for the help

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