XF 2.2 New User Registration Style?

We manually approve all new users. But their registrations automatically default to "default" style. All the changes I've made to our Forum are under the second style "Chromeheads1".
Under Appearance>Styles, both styles are enabled, but Chromeheads1 is the only one with a check mark.
Is there any way to have new user applications default to "Chromeheads1", rather than "default"?
If the custom style is set as the default then all visitors and new members should get it.

I just checked your site as a guest and it is already selected for me.
OK just approved a new member. First screen shot is how our Forum is set up. Second is how the new member application came in. Third shows that I can edit the new member's application for the two styles. Just wondering if Chromeheads1 is set as the forum default, does that mean on a new applicants preferences, "use default style" is actually Chromeheads1, or is applicant "default" the other Forum "default style"?
Sorry if I'm not explaining this clearly.

Well, what do you see when you set your own user to "use default style"? You get Chromeheads1, right? Because you have set that as the default style in your ACP.

It is confusing because the word "default" is used in two different ways here. There is a style named "Default Style" and there is a style you set as "default" in your ACP (right now that is Chromeheads1 for you). The style set as default may or may not be the same as the style named Default. New users and those who do not explicitly choose a style (or who choose "use default style") will get whatever you set as default in your ACP.

It might be easier to understand if you rename the style named "Default Style" to something else (on our forum we called it "XenForo Blue"). Then there is only one "default style" (whatever you set in your ACP). We have five different styles available to our users; one of them is set as default and none of them have "Default" in their names.

Or if you don't want people to be able to use the style named Default just switch it off in the ACP.
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