Add-on General coding.


I have three things I definitely need done, and I'm not too keen on putting the details out in public.

They're all fairly straightforward, but the general details are:

• Unless something is simply not possible to accomplish it, I'd like each task done within a week.
Mostly means, I want you to have enough time available to focus on my thing(s) and then deliver.

• Full rights are transferred.
Some things I want to put into the Resource section, either at price or just available for notoriety. You get a single payment for delivery, and there's no sharing with others.

• I'll provide you with all of the details upfront, minimal mid-code or post-delivery adjustments.
I'd prefer to have an approximate estimation at the start, although I am willing to get a re-evaluation if it proves to be more difficult than anticipated.

For general questions, feel free to reply here. For actual details, my skype is Asphodan, and you can PM me as well.