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This thread is for all general discussion related to 2.3.

If you've spotted something in an HYS other than the subject matter you can discuss it here.

Or anything else related to 2.3 in general.

This thread will be kept on topic so any feedback related to development delays, asking for release dates, etc. should be posted in the other thread:

Now, what Easter eggs have you spotted?

Release Schedule

There are no fixed dates but the release schedule will look something like this.
  • 2.3 Beta will be rolled out here some time between now and the end of 2023
  • After a period of time to allow for feedback, changes, bug fixes, etc. it will be released as a public Beta
    • we do not recommend installing beta versions on production sites but this allows developers and stylers time to update their products prior to the full release, as well as site owners to install it on test developments to create an upgrade plan
  • After a further period of time, more feedback, bug fixes, etc. a Release Candidate version will be made available
    • this is a more stable version and essentially code locked but still not supported nor recommended for production sites
  • Shortly after, the final production version will be released
Is the localization/translation option a new easter egg? I dont seem to have that feature on my installation.
Featured content without an addon?

View attachment 291346

Season 5 What GIF by The Office
I'm not sure if the scroll bar just isn't that visible in this, but it appears the style properties groups have been cleaned up a little.


Page numbers group are new. One missing element (and again it could just be not in view on this) is email styling. I'd love if there was some sort of live email preview that you could adjust in the admin panel and view exactly how the emails will look in the inbox (without sending them over and over to test).

That would eliminate the need for email style properties per style.
Now, what Easter eggs have you spotted?
I don't know about you, but I fear that in that XenForo appearance in the video, we (I) believe it's version 2.3, but in reality, I think all the new features we're expecting are very well disguised/deactivated deliberately to keep us in the dark about everything. How cynical! 😄
I noticed there's the ability to import and export users?
Also there's a just testing nav tab possibly a navigation manager. Or does this exist already?
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