Gangnam smilie (emoticon)


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Someone put up a link, or I found myself on a site recently that had a gangnam dancing emoticon.... now I can't find it! It could have been from here...I didn't save the emoticon at the time, but now I want it.

ARgh.. anyone know where it was, or better yet have it saved?


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ahaha~!!!! :D

Thank you Shelley! I should have known you would know hehehe

Chris D

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Spooky. I have a YouTube playlist.

Gangnam Style came on the very minute I started reading your post.

Now the smilie is dancing in perfect time to the music :ROFLMAO:


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I want to see a vid of you doing Gangnam, Kim...that would put a smile on my face. :)


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Seriously looks like he is doing something OTHER than dancing :p hehehe
LOL yeah, I thought the same. Your referring when he kicks leg out? :D I have to admit, i was thinking the same and just put it down to a design restriction. I was thinking about doing a variation myself and then i looked at the number of frames used in that emot, over a hundred. :eek:
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WTF? Where's my MC Hammer smilie then?

Oh nvm here we go

I need a moonwalking smilie. I saw one a long time ago. I wish I saved it.

It wasn't a gif of Michael Jackson, but a gif of an actual smilie moon-walking. Just the smiley head and two feet lol.


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Anyone got the dancing Spiderman one? found it :p

Those are great Stewart! :D

Ok... freakin dance off...