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I like it! I was interested in adding a welcome banner other than the standard welcome and register banner. Good idea. Take a look at what all i have done to my site since last time we talked!! Https://
I'd highly recommend it. I think it's helped with registrations since I've added it, thanks to @AzzidReign for suggesting it and @adamgreenough for inspiring me. But yes, your site looks fantastic since we last spoke it has improved!


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It excites me to announce our new landing page called Home. Some of you may already have noticed the change from the past couple of days but things have been updated since and I wanted to share with you some useful features this page offers.

Firstly, we have "Latest activity". This widget usually picks up all the latest user activity, every 15 seconds, without having to refresh the page. The widget polls for new content even when the page is out of focus, meaning you can browse your favourite websites in other tabs and still receive updates! This works on all devices including mobile.


Secondly, we have "Gaming Forum" and "General Forum". Now these two widgets also poll for new content from the Gaming node and General node every few seconds as described above. As a member, you get the option to set the record limit via the Settings (cog icon) tab and can be done individually.


Below that, we have the "Latest News" widget. This one does not poll for live content as I create news on a day to day basis and will not be required. But my most favourite part of this feature is you can select your desired platform news via the tabs. The best part is, even when you refresh, you will still remain on the selected tab, meaning you can follow desired news all the time. There may be more choices and tabs in the near future.


Lastly, we have two new sidebar widgets we hope our users will find useful. One is "Hottest threads" which is ordered by replies, views and reaction score. This widget should hopefully give threads the recognition for their popularity based on the criteria mentioned. The other is "Overall top posters", again, we wanted to recognise those who show support to the forum by being our active members. I will also be introducing a new tab for "Monthly top posters" later in the week. These two widgets do not offer live content.

hottest.pngtop posters.png

The homepage also polls for updated alert/conversation counts.

So that is all for the time being. This should encourage more activity, in the hope that our members find it useful.


Our previous landing page was the forums which can still be accessed as normal here:

Tell us what you think? What are you most excited about? Do you have any suggestions that you would like to see that would benefit all members? We would love to hear them!

A huge thank you to @021 for being fantastic for the past couple of days going through some features with me as well as swiftly fixing all bugs reported. If you want something similar (as mine is heavily customised) to my homepage, this is the add-on I would highly recommend:
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Thanks to all for the likes and compliments. The homepage has changed since, little customisations here and there, and I am now finally satisfied with it. Feel free to check it out. I am also looking to do post exchanges with other fellow forum webmasters. Feel free to PM me to discuss.

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Great work on your new look @JoyFreak and I'm happy to be apart of your community. I hope and wish that everything continues to go as well as it's going. Everything seems to be going great on Joy Freak and I'm very enthusiastic about continuing to be a member there. Congratulations on the new overall UI of your site.