MG 1.1 [Gallery] Not working anymore

Clay Culver


It seems that one of the updates for Media Gallery has caused the [Gallery] tags not working anymore for me. Not sure when it stopped working, as my group seems to go in spurts where we use the embed code, last I noticed it working was November. I have attached a few pictures of what is showing up and what the edit post looks like. I have tried playing with the Gallery Options --> Media Options --> Enable [Gallery] BB Code and nothing seems to work (the code actually looks the same also when i change it and then go to insert an image, of side note I have always used the extended option).

xenForo 1.5.5
Media Gallery 1.1.4
Resource Manager 1.2.2

xfmg_problem.png xfmg_problem-02.png
I can't be sure of the root cause, but the response coming back from the content loader which goes off to fetch the content for all of the images, is blank.

Have you edited any templates? Specifically the following:


It might be worth checking those templates actually exist and they have code within them, even if you don't believe they've been edited.
Hi @Chris_D sorry for such a late reply, work got to me. I have not changed any of those templates. Looking at those files through the Admin CP shows they do indeed have code in them, oddly enough I am unable to find them looking through the downloaded version out of the customers area. Any other ideas?
If you can submit a ticket from your customer area with login details for your Admin account I will look at this in more detail for you.
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