XF 1.1 FYI Mass Moving Post and Threads Limits


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I just spent several hours cleaning up some threads that go back to 2008 with a lot of Pictures before I restarted anylitic and re indexed it. After running into difficulties I thought I would share.

I had one random picture thread that had went to hell like they sometimes do when moderators and prior admins stop caring, But it had a a lot of good material in it and I decided to bring it out of the dungeon, clean it up and merge it with the new RP Thread after a few hours I found that first when you select somewhere around <400 post there is no error but as you continue the first of the 400 un select :cry:

Not an unrealistic figure , its not often one need to do that but it can be tedious to find out after you have spent a while picking out the crap only to have to go back and do it again.

this alone would not have influenced me to make a post about it but once I had the old thread trimmed down by almost half :eek: getting rid of crap (literally ) I merged it with the newer thread giving a total of 4200 post but the thread landed in the moderated forum instead of the open one I intended I was sure I selected correct but I did have a guest over that may have distracted me. and when I went to move it I just got a hung page. Thinking I might need to resort the sql I did a check/repair still no luck So never to be thwarted I moved 300 at a time to new threads and kept trying to move the big one with failure until I got it down to 3509 post and then it moved right over zippy like and I was able to merge them all back together.

Now I know that I participate in a epic thread on another site that is on post 90,944 started in 2010 so I see that I am not even close to the limits of how many post can go in there But if you need to move one of these monsters you will have to trim it down unless this has been improved ( i have not upgraded to the latest yet) or there's a way to do it in the sql

Now you Know :D.

but I do have a question does dissecting and reconstructing threads like this cause permanent damage to the DB or does it intrinsically resort itself by nature of the tables in SQL ( i did not leave redirects)

Oh it would be really nice to be able to move a post to another thread without having to move it to it's own thread and then re-merge it with the target :whistle:


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I Can't wait to upgrade, I have been sketching together a launch of another local site with my license But CK bailed on me with a mess of mods that I have no Idea will work or how I might repair them or even where some of them came from :mad: and further I cant even upgrade the license on this site because he didn't have it current to transfer at the time he handed the domain and database over to me. And frankly, they main reason I took the site was to have a live sand box to model my xenforo upgrade from VB. I am not sure if its worth it to me to buy a new one for this site as many members have flounced (some might say that's a good thing) and my sites have an entirely different demographic that would be a better bet to invest in .