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There is a Paygate for Stripe. Unfortunately it only supports credit cards and bitcoin, but not the most important payment methods. In many countries credit cards are hardly used and the main payment methods are online banking. Stripe supports all of this and has easy implementation.

Here are the implementation docs:
iDEAL (main payment method in The Netherlands)
Bancontact (main payment method in Belgium)
EU Bank Payments:
GiroPay (2nd most popular payment method in Germany)
Sofort (main payment method in Germany)
p24 (Popular payment method in Poland)
Multibanco (popular payment method in Portugal) Documents not yet available.
AliPay (Bigger than Paypal. Catering to Asia)
Google / Android Payments

@xfrocks his Paygates already offers a platform for payment method integration. His Stripe Paygate will show you how to integrate. The above documents will show you how it works from the stripe side.

As you will understand the above payment methods are very important for websites that have members in these countries. Having a full Stripe integration will increase income for any community with members in the above countries. Various webmasters have voiced their need and willingness to pay for this.


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It's an interesting concept. The biggest issue is the volume of work that'd likely entail, especially if it needed to be done for both XF1 & XF2 (XF2 has a built-in payment framework).

Each of the various payment sub-methods people want are a little different in how they process payments. Take for instance: iDEAL, where the user has to specify a supported bank from a list (which will probably change); versus Google pay which is straightforward; versus Sofort which says it can take up to 14 days to approve a charge. And each of these would slowly change and require updates to be made to the addon, and each would be in a different language so even more support burden.

I might be tempted to take a crack at it though, depending on how quickly I can clear my table of my current work.

PS: I'm surprised at the idea that credit cards aren't used much in Europe, in Scandinavia for instance PayPass/PayWave are everywhere. I've always assumed they're the global medium of online exchange. Do you have any insight on why credit cards aren't used as much in some countries? Is it due to difficulty in getting a credit card or credit-card-like debit card?
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Yes, I (and others) need it for XF1. I will worry about XF2 after XF2.1 or 2.2 is out.

I'm surprised at the idea that credit cards aren't used much in Europe
Actually credit cards are not the main payment method in many countries. For example New Zealand.

Do you have any insight on why credit cards aren't used as much in some countries?
Security and credit card fraud. For decades there has been a strong distrust towards the safety of credit cards as a payment method and the abundance of credit card fraud. Some credit cards have become a lot safer than they were. But the concept of paying simply by entering a code visible on your card is ridiculously unsafe.
Another issue is the concept of lending money while you simply have the money to pay for your purchase. That doesn't match well with societies that look down on debt. Germany and The Netherlands are good examples of this.
Another reason is that Direct Online Banking methods and SEPA do not incur credit interest rate costs, which can be really high.
Lastly online banking apps are easier and faster. For example when I pay something, I only have to open the app scan the QR code and payment is instant. Which means I can have whatever I order right now.
In regards to NFC payments: debit cards and Online banking Apps have the same. Its just cheaper.


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I've just been testing out the beta stripe integration for WooCommerce and it uses the browser API's to now offer very close to a one click buy, similar to Apple Pay, but on any desktop browser.


You click the purple button and all the form filling is handled by Chrome or Safari

You get a little modal appearing like so, where you can edit your address and which card it uses:



It's awesome and so easy to use, you don't even leave the product page. This would be great for user upgrades.