Fixed Froala iOS - Double tapping return produces odd results

Just merged these two bug reports as they are the same/similar.

Very odd.

Best advice I can give right now is to avoid double tapping enter. If it is tapped slow enough this weirdness - whatever is causing it - doesn't happen.
This problem has existed for a long time and is very annoying for those of us who use an iPhone and manage forums from iOS.

We're limited in what we can change due to it being a third party library.

Worth noting that if this bug has been around for a long time I am a heavy iOS user and I have literally never triggered it unintentionally. I guess I don't mash the return key as quickly but clearly that small change in behaviour should reduce the scope of it happening in the meantime.
We're limited in what we can change due to it being a third party library.
I do think it's a rather significant problem that the behaviour has regressed further compared to the old version of Froala. If they are unwilling to resolve the issue, it might be worth looking into alternatives.

I'm assuming you're paying for a redistributable license, and in spite of that, they have made their editor significantly worse in recent versions with no fix in sight. I have to imagine you share my frustrations with their inaction.

Do you have a link to the Froala github issue? Perhaps signal boosting it might make them more willing to work on it.
Making changes ourselves to the Froala code is on our radar so then our reliance on them to fix certain issues is reduced.

I'm not sure at this point if an issue has been opened on their side.
I just mean I haven't personally created/looked for one. This bug hasn't exactly been triaged yet. Once one of us has had a chance to look into it further we would usually create the issue and mark it as Third party here or take other action as needed.

In the meantime you're more than welcome to report the issue to them directly if you're certain that it is a bug in the core of Froala and not just an issue within our implementation of it.
Is it just me, or has this gotten worse with 2.2.0 Beta 1?

It’s particularly bad with ordered lists. If I press Enter twice to end the ordered list and start a new paragraph, content will randomly be deleted from my message. Usually it’s conspicuous, but not always. And it only happens once per edit; if I reattempt, I’ll get weird behavior, but nothing will be deleted.

This doesn’t seem to be affected by the speed at which I press enter.

On an unrelated note, I can’t view the video that I uploaded here on iOS. If I try to open it, I just get a play icon with a diagonal line through it (“can’t play”).


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It is an abysmal experience on iOS. If XenForo opted for paragraphs instead of line breaks then the double return would not be required and would solve the problem for new paragraphs at least. The list issue is reproducible on the Froala demo's on their site, so definitely an issue with them.
I do not know why this happens but it has happened to me on several occasions both in this forum and in mine. The problem is when jumping the line the tecto editor goes to the title. I do this from ios on iphone but it has also happened to me on a computer.

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I have created a new Froala issue for the specific issues mentioned in these posts.

We are aware of other issues and we will be logging them in due course and, where needed, creating a new bug report for them here for tracking.
If there are any further issues related to the editor and iOS, please create a bug report in the first instance and I will create a proof of concept and log an issue.
The issue reported in the OP has been resolved in XF 2.2.7 and has been rolled out here for testing.

I am closing all iOS related bug reports for now so please open a new report with repro details if issues persist.
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