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Does anyone know how best (or if there's an SEO need) to make urls more friendly in XenForo 2? I know there's an option for it in the admin settings, but I'm not sure how to approach it the best way.

My issue is there's a thread id attached to the end of my urls and I think it would be cleaner if they weren't ids and maybe more user-friendly terms. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how best to handle this issue or if it's an issue at all?

Example thread...
The user friendly URLs still have a thread ID, it's required because I believe that is used in the internal links so that if you change the title of the thread, the links still work.

Friendly URLS are good when there are keywords in the URL, even if Google doesn't actually search in the URL, the user sees those words in the URL in the Google search results and if they are a search term, they will be highlighted.
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