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We need friedly urls like on site. How we can do like this structure?

"to-france" - forum
"paris" - subforum
"about" - forum thread in "to-france"
You are getting into the level of what is considered support... and that should be asked in the appropriate area.
Now is you question more of "can I do this?"
Yes, I need to know before buying a license whether there is such an opportunity

This can be done with the "route filters" in the XenForo Admin Options.
I tried to do it on the demo version, but I could not do it. Is it possible to show the settings? or can there be a plug-in already ready for xenforo that would make the forum work on such a structure?
Sorry for bumping 2 years old thread, but I have a very same problem OP had. OP, did you solve it somehow? All this SEO stuff gives me headache, TBH. I don't know how to do it. One of my business partners told me that I should make "Silo" structure for my site and off page SEO. If I only knew what is this stuff about...
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