XF 1.4 Friendly URLs... broke.


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Hello there.

I had yesterday moved my installation to a new machine, i installed all requirements, imported databases, everything perfect. Expect one thing.

Even with mod_rewrite installed and loaded, and the old .htaccess file that worked correctly on the other server, now i can't get it to work no matter what i do.

I had tried to uncomment RewriteBase, etc... What may be wrong?


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Yes, phpinfo shows mod_rewrite enabled, as does on terminal. When i enable friendly it hides the /index.php at home, but everything else is a 404 error.


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Are you sure the .htaccess file was copied across?

It is a hidden file so may not have done so.

Have you also confirmed with your host that they allow overrides via an .htaccess file?


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-- Edit: --
Oups i missed something, the default apache,
<Directory /var/www>
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None

None to All fixed it.
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I'm still having trouble with the friendly URL's. Still Receing 404 Error Page.

The website is Apache
mod_rewrite is enabled
RewriteBase is uncommented and directed to the forum directory in the .htaccess file.
As well as the Allowoverride set to All.
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