XF 2.2 Fresh install. Requirements all ok. Error on Mysql-credentials


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We're evaluating Xenforo for our community and have bought the license for a longer term test run. Running on a VM in our own environment. All pre-requisites installed, testscript has run and "all good". Mysql database created with privileges given to created user and password. No matter what I do, an error is thrown at me:
The following error occurred while connecting to the database:
No such file or directory
This indicates that your configuration information is not correct. Please check the values you have entered. If you are unsure what values are correct or how to proceed, please contact your host for help. These values are specific to your server.

I can login to the database with the given credentials manually, and mysql is running on local host. Again, not a single error in the test script. How can I debug this error?