[Free]XenForo install

a legacy reborn

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You might be screaming "lies!" because I am offering this for free...but I really do not see what is so hard about installing xf...Upgrading I will do but reverting templates(and keeping customizations) is more time consuming.(So I will not revert for you) I will offer this service to anyone so just send me a private conversation if your interested. If you have any concerns a private convo will be sufficient ;).

You can check out This Thread for other free services ;).

a legacy reborn

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What compensation will you give if you muck it up.......
well let's see the possibility of completely failing at installing xF... 0%...sorry if you came from a different software where there is a possibility :). But on the off chance that I failed at installing(because of something on the server guaranteed ;)) I would fix the problem then reinstall it...Trust me though I have enough experience to not fail that epically lol. I would like to think of myself not as a complete failure but others may be persuaded to say otherwise.

a legacy reborn

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What compensation does anyone who charges offer?
I have offered conversions for others for free also.
If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Then they have the option to pay someone else.
and with a fresh install...what do you lose? You could literally fail and try again thousands of times and not hurt yourself...

steven s

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I think this is a good offer and a sorry to hijack the thread.
I am on the fence, do you have a money back guarantee?
Also I spoke to my paypal rep and they said there was no option to send $0 through their system, do you have an alternative payment method?
I'd be more comfortable if there was a double your money back guarantee.
And I don't have a lot of money. I can't afford free.
Can you give me $5.00 for to the install?