Free forum software prior to xenforo license

Hi there,

I apologise if this is the wrong place but I have a question that I help someone would be able to shed some light on for me.

I will be using free forum software until I get paid at the end of the month and will be buying a XenForo license but until then I need something to build a community. I am looking for something that would have good security, fast and features (even if an add-on is needed) such as a shoutbox and permission system for user levels.

I was looking at myBB to do this for the next few weeks (had a falling out with another community with how it was run so we are starting fresh on our own) and was hoping that if it was not myBB and a better suggestion that it needs to be able to be transferred to XenForo easily.

Thanks in advance!


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The pre-sales FAQ in my signature lists the importers available.

If you plan to migrate from the free forum to XenForo, ensure it is listed there.
Alright, just seen that and thanks for the reply.

Is there any opinions on SMF 2.0, phpBB 3.0 or MyBB as to which would be the most useful for a gaming community until I can get a license? I have a dedicated server also and in general it would be a secure forum with a shoutbox and managable users system and permissions for now.



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SMF is a dead platform. MyBB has had a lot of security problems (and questionable code quality).

phpBB 3 is a stable platform built on Symfony, its got a big community and a very stable development team.