Looking for a similar forum layout style to what I already have but with xenforo software. Is it pos


I already have my own forum but I'm looking to switch software to xenforo. Question is ..... Could Increate a similar look with the same features with your software.

It does not have to be exactly the same ( your software looks more modern and customise able hence the reason for the change ) but am I able to have the same mix of feature types including video and photographic stills on my board.

It's really the mixed style I am wanting to be able to retain.

My forum is platform1mrc.com feel free to have a look and any comments would be appreciated.

As you will see, my front page has a mixture of video features, photos and moving sponsor adverts.

Many thanks for any time taken to assist with the above.

If you change the core code, then you can't expect support involving those changes - but a lot of stuff can be done by simple template edits/css. The bespoke add-ons would have to have any issues resolved by their authors.
Thanks for your response Tracey , apologies to take so long to come back. I have a few features on my current forum and I'm looking to bring them with me. I'll need to see what can be done with templates and what would require bespoke coding etc. could take me a while as I am really reliant on a very good friend for advice.

I think most of my base features could travel but maybe not all.

I'll keep digging away with some questions until I think I am comfortable.



Just how much , of the change to a basic forum page would be custom and how much of it could be catered from by changing existing forum templates etc.

The format that my current site takes of forum threads down the middle, photographic still down the left and a mix of photos and menus down the right is fairly basic I would have thought.

In terms of add on's, initially I was thinking of the initial licensed software and a gallery add on. Judging by what I am doing on my current forum, what other add on do you think I would require.

I know it won't necessarily that straightforward but I'm just trying work out an initial budget for software and then an allowance for potential customisation.

Again, thanks for any light that you can shine on it.


It's difficult to say.

If it's all dynamic content, automatically populated and updated then that would require custom code.

If it's manually added then it would just be template edits.

I recommend trying the online demo so you can get a feel for what would be required: Admin Demo
Hi Brogan,

Thanks again. I have downloaded the demo, only thing is that due to the short lifespan of it you've got to be ready to move fast on it. One of my Admins is looking at it as well. He has a far superior knowledge of this than me.

On the face of it, it's great stuff. Just need time to try a few things out before taking the plunge.

I'll no doubt be back with more questions over the next while.

Cheers for now.

Hi Brogan,

as far as the images down the left hand side goes, they are manually added at the moment. We update these periodically changing generally four or so at at time say every two weeks to a month. we have a picture of the week feature which as it suggests is changed weekly ( manually ) and a video feature which is updated every couple of weeks. I would imagine that there could be done in templates. I am assuming the the basic software gives these templates to enable setting this up. ( copying from an archive ). The basic page structure would possibly have three areas in which to drop the initial templates prior to populating ....... would this be correct. On my current forum software, it gives the opportunity to view the various formats. Can this be done on Xenforo and if so ..... where ?

the reason I am trying to work these things out is that I am trying to assess just how many add ons I would need to purchase along with the base software to allow me to set up the forum prior to transferring the actual live content over.

Any assistance / advice in determining this would be appreciated as it would allow me to progress and make a decision on purchasing a bit quicker. I'll be discussing options on various potential forum software options with some of my team and would like to be able to be in the position to explain the potential of Xenforo and encourage them to visit the site to gain their own opinions.

Thanks again for your assistance so far.

I wouldn't be able to give you an estimate of what could be done by you and what would require add-ons.

That's something you will need to determine for yourself.
Thanks for that. I followed it through and sure enough it took me right there.

Maybe not quite what I expected. I thought the templates would gave demonstrated the various page layout examples. Just my ignorance of the correct terminology I expect but thanks for taking the time to try and lead the blind. I think I'll give up on it for now until I can better equip myself with the correct questions to ask in the correct manner. Otherwise frustration of the learned may reign. :(

Thanks again.
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