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Alright so I have some questions making the transfer here. I know that since I don't have access to the database on my free forum, there is not much I can transfer over. My question is, is there anything I can add/transfer without doing it manually? (probably not)

For instance, I think I have to manually enter the users details (only have 15). Does this mean they can automatically log in with the previous info once the xenforo forums are up and running?

Additionally, I was looking for this information but couldn't find it. I am trying to enable Full Friendly URLs but I am having some difficulty. When I enable this option, every link on the xenforo forum is redirecting back to my main site. Is there some edit I have to make to the .htaccess file (which .htaccess would this be, the one at root or under the forums)?

Ok last thing is....my current forums at located at http://forums.animeinspirations.com/
is there some sort of redirect I can enable so that everything is pointed to my xenoform installation? (Currrently at http://animeinspirations.com/forums)


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If I'm not mistake, there is a forumotion > phpBB converter somewhere. But I don't know if the converter still works, how it works, what happen to password etc.

But if the converter still works, you can try forumotion > phpBB > XenForo.

It's still maintened

ps: I don't know the legality of this converter.
I appreciate you digging up this info, I am sure it very well could be useful for those that need it. In my case though, I have a smaller forum and limited number of active members so its more trouble than its worth. Seems like I would have to set up a dummy phpBB forum, somehow get the conversion tool working, and if that miraculously works, transfer to Xenforo. I'd rather start fresh considering things (not to mention legality is a gray area).

However, I did manage to enable clean URL's with some tweaking, had to edit my forum's .htaccess file. Thanks for the help everyone.