Converter from xenForo to... other forum software.


Anyone thought about moving from xenforo to other solutions?
Xenforo is my choice now, but what if... something unpredictable happens?
Other forum software knows about xenforo structure?

It's not a "favorable" question around here, but i want to buy more licenses and crossed my mind "what if" :)

So don't be offended...

It's about the free of choice for future...


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It is really hard to answer that clearly, personally for me if XF hadn't come along I would have been done with the forum scene completely so no I have never considered moving.

If you go to another forum software they will pretty much only show you/make available to you methods to import to their software.

This is for no other reason than anyone with any interest in specific software (biz and clients alike) has an interest in people being there and it actually makes little sense to build a way to move out from it and it is no different than any other forum software's community would practice (sans private developers).

You can literally import/export from any forum software to any forum software supposing that it has a db and some kind of organization of data. The only thing is someone has to code a script capable of doing so and every permutation of source -> exported forum software potentially needs it's own methodology.

To ask if someone that I don't know who is representing a forum software that is unnamed has the ability to write an importer or if they have looked at the DB structure of XF is pretty much an unanswerable question. At the end of the day...if another forum software wants your business it really is their issue to write an importer (unless you want to pay a dev who can make pretty much make anything within your budget).

Choices are free, actions take resources. It's good that you consider the future of your community...but you probably wont get any fruitful answers that will provide you with a sense of security in regards to your question. If it is something that really worries you, you should vet other software titles or possibly build a relationship of trust with a developer who will be available to you should it come down to you moving on to another software title.
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The correct place to ask would be in the support forum of the software you would consider switching to.

Only they can tell you whether they have importers for XF.


I don't even know if free solutions (like phpbb or mybb) have converters. Never used, never needed.

Xenforo has good converters because it's their interest, but a free solution ... they don't bother with converters... i don't know....

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I generally think that converters are an interest to developers of all platforms or their development community whether they are free or paid.

There will always be someone wanting to move from X to Y. I've seen converters from XF to various platforms including free ones. I can't specifically recall which but as Brogan says, that information would be most accurate coming from those developers or their communities.

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I don't even know if free solutions (like phpbb or mybb) have converters.
It took me 30 seconds to google it and find both have converters. Google is your friend and can clearly answer your questions for you.

There is nothing as good as Xenforo on the market at present for forum software. IPB doesn't stack up from a performance view either.