Forums Aren't Working

When trying to install a new theme to buy forum a out of memory error occurred due to my old host. Then my index page decided to go blank. My admin panel is also messed up. I tried uploading a new theme but now it's just saying it's errored when in the process of it. Does anyone how to fix this so my index page isn't blank anymore and my admin panel isn't messed up :/.

Here's a picture of my admin panel.


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How many themes do you have installed? That's the first I've heard of that error.

First, I'd recommend turning off debug mode if you have it enabled. It uses more memory.

Presumably, you should be able to go into styles and delete the style that you tried to add and it should rebuild the necessary templates.
I have a total of 4 themes installed.

I deleted a theme, it had this error(below the text), I clicked continue and it did the rebuilding and fixed the index page and such, but my admin panel is still messed up.



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If you simply do a hard refresh (ctrl+f5), I suspect that the CSS in the admin CP will look ok.