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Steve F

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Works for me so far. Just what I was looking for!
Noticed some dot files that came with the download that may not be needed for non developers.

Adam Howard

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Steve F

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Oh really?


Additional points of reference to backup his original statement can be found here

While he has released other releases, they have all been styles and not add-ons. :)

I think @Matthew Hawley is reffering to the "Avatar Visitor Tab" addon, which is really just a template modification. I consider this my first :p
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Steve F

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Hmm..Not sure exactly, could you setup a admin account so I can take a look? If it is installed I see no reason other than a conflicting template modification. If you could grab a screenshot of this section for me if you don't want to setup a account.

Appearance -> Template Modifications -> [PE] Forum Statistics