Forum spam stopper

New Joe

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On my vB Forum I get zero spam as I have spam stopper modification, also have it so users need 5 posts to post urls and also in the first 5 posts I have a spam filter word thing which is part of the mod which stops certain words from getting posted.

What add ons do we have here for stopping spammers?


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There are several by @tenants in the RM, but XenForo comes standard with a nice array of tools, stops nearly all spam here without add-ons.
I had the same problem as well. The latest version has everything inbuilt and I have noticed that ever since I installed the new 1.2 version there has been "NO" spam atall. You do need to change the settings according to your forums needs.
Its just a matter of getting used to Xenfor. There is nothing that we do with Vb4 with addons that the latest Xenforo cant do that too without any addons :) +1 to Xenforo for spam management.


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I don't use any anti-spam add-on in my xenforo forum (which means I use default xenforo anti-spam), and yet I have ZERO spam registration. :love: