Contact & Registration spam stopped almost 100% at zero cost

[Link to Best Solution in post #6 above]

Thanks very much.

Actually, I just discovered that XENFORO offers several options for automatically screening new registrations.

I only just this morning read up on the built-in CAPTHA opions to check for 'Human vs robot'

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How CAPTCHAs work | What does CAPTCHA mean?
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Free CAPTCHA Alternative

Cloudflare Turnstile is a free tool to replace CAPTCHAs

Put in the most simple Xenforo built-in (FREE) registration security Captcha feature and it works just fine!

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I have observed (on both my site that i recently bought and a friends that I help moderate) that we don't have any issues using Turnstile and some site specific custom user fields.
And on one of those site, we have over 2000 visitors a day (and many registrations that get declined). I still work on my site itself to get to a similar level, but I have issues creating content.
Thanks for your tip on this subject.

I had never heard of "turnstile" - so just did an internet search and found

"Cloudflare Turnstile is a free tool to replace CAPTCHAs"

and I recall that 'Cloudflare' was mentioned by others on this thread.
When I first set up my Xenforo forum a few years ago, I was just unaware that 'Captcha'
was the technical term for a "I am a Human and not a robot" test.

Never had a problem with my Xenforo forum until this month
when the built-in Xenforo option to use the registration 'Stop-forum-Spam' test
forced over 315 new registrations into the 'needs admin approval queue.
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