Graphic Forum-Rank Contest; Then Paid Work


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I figured I'd give this a try and see how it works out. I'm basically looking to hire a Graphic Designer to create some Forum Ranks for me. But, how do I choose between so many talented Graphic Designers out there?

The answer, I'm hoping to have a fun little contest where everyone that wants to participate creates a single (1) forum rank image.

This contest will end on Friday night / Saturday morning at Midnight (EST). That gives you over a week to create the image and submit it as well as, allows others to see this and join in the fun.

Once the contest has ended, I will update this thread with a list of every image I received and I will pick the one I like the best. Or maybe create a Poll and let the general public decide. I will not reveal who created any of the ranks except for announcing the winner.

The winner will then be hired on to create the full series of Forum Ranks for my site.

Got it? Okay, so what are the Guidelines for this rank image?
The Rank should say, "Director" on it the way it would normally say Administrator or Moderator.
The Image should fit a dark theme.
The image should be based on the upcoming game, EverQuest Next.
The image should be 140x25 or around that size.

Would you like to see a couple of rank images that I really love? *hint hint*

Great, so now you know my preferred style for the Rank Images and everyone has exactly the same information. I am curious to see how massively different everyone's idea of this is.

Rules for the contest:
  • Do not ask me questions via PM. I can only give the same information to everyone. So if you have a question, ask it publicly so that the answer can be seen publicly.
  • Conversely, do not submit the rank image here in public. Instead, submit it to me in private via PM.
  • If you want to Watermark your image, go ahead. But use something generic like "Sample" and not an obvious link that identifies you. If you want to take credit for your image you can do so later after I announce the winner.
Questions? Comments? Concerns?